About U-CAN

U-CAN DYNATEX INC., formerly EEKON, is an ISO9001: 2008 , CE, and TAF (ISO 17025) certified manufacturer, established in 1985 in Taipei. Headquartered at Taiwan Central Science Park in Taichung, U-CAN is specialized in design and producing 18 major kinds of polymer analytical instruments and testing equipment including Rheometers, Mooney viscometers, ozone testing chambers, tensile testing machines, filler dispersion analysis instruments, dynamic testing systems, universal static tire testing equipment, …, etc...More

New Products

P-V-T-C、Rubber Process Analyzer、Rheometer、Mooney Viscometer、Tensile Strength Tester、Filler Dispersion Grader Carbon Black Dispersion Tester、Ozone Tester Chamber、Tyre Plunger Testing System、Dynamic Testing System、Dynamic Fatigue Tester、Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester、Electronic Densimeter、Low Temperature Retraction Tester、Tire Section Cutting Machine、Environmental、Optimum Cure Analysis System (OCAS)、Others for Rubber / Testing...More