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Manufactures in CTSP attend OPTO Taiwan to break new ground


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The photonics festival debuted at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 in Taipei started from October 21th. This time, CTSP Bureau led four optoeletronics manufacturers to form “CTSP theme pavilion”, a joint exhibition. Besides, another two manufacturers participated individually. CTSP Bureau hoped to create group exhibition business opportunities by taking co-marketing strategy and seize new business in the epidemic era.

This time, there are four manufacturers of CTSP theme pavilion including Taiwan Color Optics, Inc who specializes in high power solid-state laser modules and optical components, U-CAN DYNATEX INC, Winstar Display Co. Ltd and Raystar Optronics, Inc. Their field includes optics, automotive, display, IC packaging and testing to meet diverse consumer demands in this epidemics era.

Among them, the warpage analysis of thermoset material (PVTC-A1) in U-CAN is a main issue in this exhibition . The degree of cure of material experiment was implemented under different temperature and pressure environment. In order to erect the mutual relationship between degree of cure and specific volume in this condition.

“CTSP theme pavilion not only shows the innovative prospect and abundant developing power but also shows that photonics industry in Taiwan is gradually developing toward high-end and differentiation such as unique technology and niche market.” According to the director of CTSP Bureau, Mr. Hsu.

As Mr. Hsu puts it, CTSP Bureau will continue upholding the spirit of innovation and transformation and lead the manufacturers in CTSP to create a new industrial pattern and broaden new horizon.

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