Ozone Tester Chamber
Ozone Chamber


Ozone Tester Chamber (Standard)

1. In compliance with ASTM D1171/D1149, DIN/EN 27326, DIN 53509, JIS K-6259, ISO 1431/10960.
2. Ozone concentration accuracy : 2% of full scale.
3. Ozone concentration range: 25-500pphm, high concentration range of 30,000pphm or higher are available.
4. Temperature range: -20°C~ +100°C±1°C.
5. Modularized ozone detection and generation systems.
6. Functions: dynamic and static testing.
7. Additional options: automatic calibration, image capture, and remote calibration via video.
8. The UA-2074 is used by large rubber manufacturers and quality control departments worldwide, including the Chinese Electrical Sciences Research Institute.

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